Do I really need Domain Privacy Protection!

Domain Privacy Protection

When you purchase a domain name, there are several add-on features that you can choose to purchase along with your domain. Some features are useful to everyone while some may only be relevant only to a certain set of users. Many-a-time when we realize a service is an add-on we assume that it might not be worthwhile – it is healthy to be wary of unnecessary up-sells, of course, but it is also a good practice to validate the need for a product that is easily available and may add value to you. One add-on that for domain names (on TLDs that support private registrations) is Domain Whois Privacy Protection. In this post, we’ll see

  1. What is Domain Privacy Protection
  2. Do you need Privacy Protection and
  3. How to enable Privacy Protection

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

All domain names have a WHOIS listing, that goes into a database of all the registered domains and all the registrant information such as address and contact details associated with a domain. This information on WHOIS is available to everyone over the Internet. Without Domain Privacy Protection, all your data is available to the public. Thus, Domain Privacy Protection is a service that hides all your contact information from the public on WHOIS listing. Privacy Protection is a service that’s available when you purchase your domain name. It is up to you the user to enable or disable it. You can purchase it, at the time of Transferring or Registering your domain name or at any other point in time as long as your domain name is valid. In fact, if you even purchase an SSL certificate for your domain, depending on your hosting provider you may or may not need not disable your WHOIS privacy temporarily though earlier it was compulsory to do so.

Why is it Important?

Domain Privacy Protection has advantages irrespective of whether you’re a Reseller or a Customer. Here are some reasons why you should opt for Domain Privacy:

  1. Safeguard your Information 
    When you register your domain name, the registrar is required to enter your contact information by ICANN. WHOIS is a service that manages all the data with respect to domain registration. The WHOIS of your (registrant) domain name lists all your personal data such as Name, Company Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address etc as contact details for your domain name. If anyone performs a WHOIS lookup then all your personal information is available to them. This is true for all gTLDs and some ccTLDs, as most ccTLDs follow their country-specific policies.One of the primary reasons for WHOIS listing all your information is that ICANN believes in giving internet users the ability to validate the credibility of a website and identify who it is owned by, given the open source/chaotic nature of the internet. ICANN also mandates registrars to monitor data that registrants submit for accuracy. If the information that a registrant provides is incorrect or false it could lead to cancellation of the domain name.However, this does not prevent you from using Privacy Protection services on your domain name. Using Resellerclub’s Domain Privacy Protection you can protect your personal data that you submit while registering your domain name.
  2. Stop Unwanted Contact
    If this data, falls into the wrong hands you may become a victim of spam and other junk calls/emails. When you enable Domain Privacy Protection, your data is hidden from unwanted solicitors and domain hijackers. Not only this but scammers could use your business details for social hacking to taking over your business.Thus, Domain Privacy Protection even helps you keep your domain & business secure.

Steps to Enable Privacy Protect
Privacy Protection is a paid service and valid only for the tenure of the domain name and can be enabled/disabled as and when required. Enabling Privacy Protection with SGIG.

Though it is not compulsory to turn on Domain Privacy Protection, it is worth enabling it as it offers protection and keeps unwanted spammers and hackers at bay. Hope you found this post helpful. Do leave a comment below if you have any query.

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